Thoughts on “Pride Climbing Higher”

by Saurav Jung Thapa1Saurav Jung Thapa is a Technical Officer for LGBT and Human Rights at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Asia-Pacific regional office in Bangkok. He works on a joint UNDP-USAID initiative called ‘Being LGBT in Asia’ which is being implemented in eight countries in South, Southeast, and East Asia to gather… Continued reading Thoughts on “Pride Climbing Higher”

Different decisions

Different Decisions

In childhood, I was a very lighthearted boy, playing football and cricket with my friends in my village. I felt very normal. Everyone seemed to love me. Because my academics were going well, there were expectations. Although I come from a Brahmin1Within the traditional caste system in Nepal, Brahmins were… Continued reading Different Decisions

My way out

My Way Out

I always remember from my school days going to bed and doing all kinds of thinking. Alone in my room, I would always pray, God, when I wake up in the morning, please make me normal. I used to feel such low self-esteem and low confidence. Then in the morning… Continued reading My Way Out

A new minority

A New Minority

In the early grades, my body was just like a child’s, and sometimes you can’t tell if young kids are really girls or boys. After I passed fifth grade, I started in a new school, Macchaapuchhara Higher Secondary School in a town in central Nepal called Pokhara. This was a… Continued reading A New Minority

How to be bold

How to be Bold

My father was in the Nepalese Royal Army, and as I was growing up my uncle, brother, and father would always talk about warrior activities. My home was also very near to the barracks. I frequently saw army personnel roaming through the fields of my village. I was so impressed… Continued reading How to be Bold